About Me

I’m a photographer specializing in fashion, sports, advertising. As a digital artist, the main area of my work is composite retouching and CGI visualization.

I have been producing, shooting and retouching for 9 years, working with international clients from Canada, US, Europe and Australia.

I currently live and work in Melbourne, VIC Australia.

Publications and Awards

  • 2016 – Writer at Fstoppers.com (on-going)
  • 2016 – Amateur Photographer UK / Composite Image Techniques Article
  • 2015 – Kristal Elma Advertising Awards / Silver (Vodafone Vehicle Tracking System)
  • 2015 – Featured work at PetaPixel.com
  • 2013 – Macline Magazine – Retouching Articles
  • 2011 – Fotoiz Best Photographs of the Year

Selected Clients and References